Hobo looking at what used to be his house...
Vital statistics
Title The Chosen One
Gender Male
Status Alive
Appearances All episodes
Portrayed by Dominik "Sergaz" Handke
Voiced by Brandon "Bashur" Ashur

Hobo is the main protagonist in the Legend of Hobo series. He lives in the forest alone with his friend Sheeper. His epic quest started when he was picking flowers, a voice spoke to Hobo, saying that he had come to him to tell that he should go on a epic quest. This was a failure and he ended up burning Hobo, and making him stand in a burning lake. Later, Hobo escaped to burning lake and went to his home. Hobo was burning from the fires of the lake and thus, the fires spread across the forest he live in. He jumped into a pool of water at his "backyard" and saw his friend Sheeper.

Sheeper was hungry, swearing at Hobo for not feeding him. Hobo went into his house and were to grab some food for the hungry sheep. He saw that he forest was on fire and thus he started to put the fire out. It didn't go so well and later the voice came to him. It spoke to him again, informing him that he had been chosen by him and that he would go on the most epic journey ever told. Hobo said "Why don't you do something?!", the voice said "Fine, LET THERE BE CREEPERS!!!" and some creepers spawned and blew up his house.

Sheeper flew away by the explosion, and beneath what was Hobo's house, there was just a huge crater. Later, the voice showed himself in person and explained that he was in fact, real, and that he created Hobo to fulfill his destiny and that he had waited "ages" for this day to come. Hobo begged him to make sure Sheeper was safe. The voice (now we call him The Creator) said that he would make sure sheeper was safe but that Hobo would go on that journey. Hobo left his home and set off for the town of Brist, on the road he saw a slime and befriended it. He named it Slimer and with it continued to walk to Brist.

In Brist he meet Nevil, a dynamite expert. Nevil was "not liked" by the people in Brist because he had blown up houses and other buildings. The guards of the town caught The Creator, Hobo, Nevil and Slimer and put them in Prison.

I just thought you might have been created in my mind due to the years of solitude out in the forest coupled with the latent effects of hallucinagenetic mushroom soup, my consciousness has created an imaginary personality for my consciousness to interact with in order to regulate some semblance of normalcy for the social areas of my mind which are clearly, at this stage, starved for attention.

–Hobo, Episode Three

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