Hobo's House
Hobo leaving his house.
Hobo's House Map
Map of Hobo's House before the Creator's visit.
Hobo's House Map After
Map of Hobo's House after the Creator's visit.
Type House
Featured in Episode 2, 3 (remains) and Intro
Inhabitants Hobo
Hobo lives in a humble house in the forest with his pet sheep Sheeper. The house is first introduced when Hobo runs home after being set on fire by The Creator, however, while running he sets the trees around him on fire. The fire spreads throughout the forest and will eventually burn down the house. The Creator, to be more precise, his voice, shows up again and after Hobo yells at him he summons creepers that simply blow up the house.

Other than that, the house is featured in the series' intro, yet in perfect state.

The exact location of the house within the forest is yet unknown but we know said forest is close to the field where Hobo meets The Creator. We also know there is a path leading towards Brist from the forest. The Narrator tells us the forest is now known as "the Black Forest".

The insides of the house are very simple: a bed, a furnace, a couple of chairs and tables and two chests. At the back of the house there is a little fenced off area that includes a little pool of water, a small wheatfarm and Sheeper's stable.

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