Since episode four, the series has got its own intro. Guided by Hobo's Theme, it shows Hobo leaving his house and frolicking around with Sheeper at the field with the big tree from episode one. Then he is shown looking up to both the Ghast and Human forms of The Creator. He walks out of the Black Forest and meets Slimer as in episode three. Then two shots follow of Hobo alone on a cliff and in a cave during rainfall followed by six short flashes that show his new companions each in a specific location. A companion that has not yet been seen in the series will be covered in a unique color with a question mark on the head. Hobo, Slimer, Sheepur, the Creator and the companions walk through a forest, a desert and stand around a campfire in a tundra. Finally an airship (probably from the Erimite Empire) is seen flying over a sea with on board Hobo and all the companions.

Companions Edit

The companions that yet have not made an appearance are covered with a unique color and a question mark. The colors, places and corresponding companions (as far as known) are listed down here.

Color Location Companion
White A cel in Brist Nevil
Blue Favorlock Forest Unknown, possibly Scott
Green A cave Unknown
Black A tundra Unknown
Red A desert Unknown
Orange A Nether-like place Unknown

Titling Edit

Bashurverse presents, in assosiation with LegendaryCraft.
Audio Post Production by Michael Wheeler.
An original series by Brandon Ashur.
Produced by Matthew A. Collins.
Original Score by Daniel Yount.
Hobo theme by Victor Cepeda.
Bashcraft The Legend of Hobo.

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