Orick Al
Orick in the crystal room.
Vital statistics
Title Oracle
Gender Male
Status Alive
Appearances Episode 4
Portrayed by A Puppeteer
Voiced by Matthew "Reymas" Collins

Orick Al is the private oracle of Emperor Byce, he lives in the dungeons beneath the Emperor's palace and gets visions that tell him about the future. Recently, he has seen Hobo appear around his crystals, he knows of 'the prophecy' and straight away tells the Emperor about it. His face doesn't look too healthy and his voice and use of language are quite strange. Though, the Emperor trusts his words.

The prophecy! Oh no! Get with have! Oh, my legs must carry me, fly legs, fly! Open, stupid gate, forever. I hate this corridor, I need to have the cleaning lady come. Oh, hello! Oh, no, goodbye, I hate you! Sewer horses, no ,you stay in your boxen. You are always demanding cake from my face. Your eight eyes can not charm me. Have my legs fallen away from my brain forever? I don't want to take a bath with you. Your baths are full of teeth and stingers. Yes, I do not have time to play eyeball-catch with you. Fangs and poison. You cannot get through my super cage door.

–Orick Al, Episode Four

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