Slimer in jail.
Vital statistics
Gender Unknown
Status Alive
Appearances Episode 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
Portrayed by A slime
Voiced by

Slimer is a slime that has become a friend of Hobo. After The Creator blew up Hobo's house it appeared in the crater. Then it follows Hobo and The Creator out of the forrest and Hobo stumbles upon the slime when he wants to make his way to Brist. He is scared by the slime, but The Creator tells him not to be afraid since it's only a small slime. The slime is then seen as a friend. As Hobo thinks friends need names, he names it "Slimer". Just like his sheep pet Sheeper. The Creator was amazed how creative and original Hobo was in making up names. Now Slimer followed the two to Brist and there got caught, escaped with the group and was caught again by the Pumpkin Pygmy People. After their escape from the cage they are sent into a dark tunnel.

No one really knows what gender Slimer is, in the credits it is shown that the creators of the series don't know it themselves: "Slimer as Himself... Herself... Whatever."

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