The Creator
The Creator in Brist's jail.
Vital statistics
Title The Creator / God
Gender Male
Status Alive
Appearances All episodes
Portrayed by Dominik "Sergaz" Handke
Voiced by Brandon "Bashur" Ashur
(Episodes 1 and 2)

Grant "Ganthir" Fulem
(Episodes 3, 4 and 5)
Blake "ShadyVox" Swift
(Episodes 6 and following)

HE is the creator of all that lives and exists in the entire world. He is also known as "The Voice" or simply "God". He has decided to create Hobo in order to have him complete a quest. He first appeared to Hobo as only a voice telling him jokingly of the great journey that awaits him. One of his powers are shown to Hobo at this moment: The Creator is able of setting things on fire. This did not turn out well for Hobo because first The Creator set a tree on fire and eventually lighting up Hobo as well. Then once Hobo had put out the fire by jumping in the water, he lit him up again by setting a new bush on fire. Finally when Hobo annoys him by not remembering who he is he turns the water into fire. Once Hobo had escaped the burning lake and by accident setting the forest he lives in on fire, he tells Hobo, who is not really paying any attention other than to trying to put out the fire, that he is in fact The Creator and that Hobo is assigned an important quest. When Hobo shouts at him for not doing anything about the fire The Creator summons a lot of creepers, which almost instantly blow up Hobo's house. The Creator now reveals himself, but gets a bit confused and shows up like a ghast. He apologizes and then shows his human-like form. He wears a gray robe with golden edges and his face is always covered in shadows. Only his glowing red eyes are visible.

It is known that he has selected some people to accompany Hobo on his journey, ant will lead him to them, the first one being Nevil. However, when The Creator and Hobo (followed along by Slimer) reach Brist, they are arrested by the town guards and were put in prison.

You, Hobo, have been chosen by me, your creator, the creator of this universe, this world and everything around you to go on the most epic adventure ever told.

–The Voice, Episode Two


The Creator has been seen using his powers often, this is a list of seen powers (in order of "appearance"):

  • The power of invisibility
  • The power of setting things on fire
  • The power of summoning creepers (and possibly other creatures)
  • The power of changing form
  • The capability of flying
  • The power of summoning lightning
  • The power of teleportation (teleporting himself and others)
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