The Meadow
The Meadow.
Map of the Meadow.

Type Field
Featured in Episode 1
Inhabitants Uncle Tree
The Flower family

This is where everything began, on a day, not different from the others, Hobo was picking flowers in this meadow before he encounters "Uncle Tree" in the middle. Suddenly a voice started talking to him.
During the odd conversation the big tree, the little bush next to it and the little bush next to the pond below the waterfall were burned down. Hobo, in the water to cool down, still didn't know to whom he was talking and therefore asked kindly. The voice wasn't too happy about him asking and turned the water of the small spring and the pond into roaring fire, badly burning Hobo.

A couple of things are featured on the meadow: the big tree that Hobo named "Uncle Tree", the bushes that the Creator set fire to, a little pond originating in a spring in the mountainside, a couple of cave mouths and a stone/cloth (actually snow) cross-shaped piece with a hole in the middle.

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